Umbrella company

The below applies to Digital Gurus UK only.

Digital Gurus (part of the Rethink Group) operates a Preferred Supplier List (PSL) for our Umbrella Providers in the United Kingdom. The PSL is reviewed on an annual basis and each Umbrella provider has been chosen following a stringent review process including an external compliance audit. These providers are also members of the FCSA.

The services offered by these providers under the Digital Gurus PSL is for Umbrella purposes only and does not include any other service. With that said, Digital Gurus does not accept responsibility for any losses, damages, etc. should you choose a third party to engage in another form composite, managed service or accountancy solution.

Our approved Umbrella providers are:


Tel: 0800 197 6516 (option 1)



Tel: 0800 458 0818


Eden Group

Tel: 01276 688 032


Orange Genie

Tel: 01296 468 483


Liberty Bishop

Tel: 01582 461444


Brookson Solutions

Digital Gurus does not endorse the benefits of operating through an umbrella provider or encourage contactors to work via any particular provider on this PSL. The contractor has the full right to decide whether they work PAYE (via an Umbrella on this PSL) or through your own Limited Company. Please note that Digital Gurus representatives are not able to provide guidance; if you do require this please seek independent advice.

We do not accept or assume any responsibility for any actions, claims, proceedings, demands, losses, costs, damages or any other consequences arising from reliance upon any services provided by any entity, direct or indirectly. This includes compliance checking.  Whilst Digital Gurus has undertaken a compliance audit, utilising an approved third party, it is still the responsibility of the Contractor when required to seek independent advisors to carry out your own checks.

The PSL is reviewed on an annual basis with the next review period being in January of each year, although we do reserve the right to change the PSL from time to time. This includes when a provider does not pass through our compliance checks or does not adhere to FCSA standards. Until then no other Umbrella provider will be engaged with by Digital Gurus.

If you have any additional questions an FAQ is available for you by clicking here.